Product Development

Everything from an idea to a finished product, Ta Engineering offers you the competence and resources needed for qualified product development. We carry out all or some parts of the product development chain, in large as well as small projects.


From an idea to a finished product. The product/detail is drawn in 3D CAD.
The 3D model is transferred to a manufacturing blueprint and, if necessary, the prototype production is also taken care of.


In close collaboration with our clients, we follow well-proven design routines where the customer is constantly informed and can see how the detail/product develops.


Do you have ambitions to present and visualise the product to your customers before you have the real detail? We can help you produce realistic images from the CAD model, or better yet, why not run a 3D model in our own printer that can handle the dimensions 295 x 211 x 144mm?


  • Solid Works
  • Projet MJP 2500 Plus 3D Printer


Taengineering also provides services in casting (sand, chill-moulds and die casting), machining, welded sheet metal and pipe constructions, fixtures, tools and prototyping. The company has reliable connections in packaging manufacturing in both paper, cardboard and plastic materials (industrial, food and medical packaging).


We mainly offer our services to companies that have had manufacturing based in China, and who were disappointed with the lack of communication, quality deficiencies and delivery problems. For these companies, we can provision alternative suppliers in more detail, such as in Romania and Hungary.


All companies that Taengineering collaborates with are ISO-certified and about 80% of their total annual production is exported. Reference to Swedish companies that have chosen a supplier company via Taengineering can be provided on request.