Operating System

At an early stage, Ta Engineering realised that business systems that are paper and server-based belong in the past. Today, companies have units in several places and work in the same way on all units and as per the current descriptions that apply throughout the company.


So, it is important to have easy access to the relevant documentation. This is where LRQX net comes in. The system is web-based and can be accessed worldwide via the Internet. The system is built to handle not only documentation, but also deviations, risk assessments and to keep track and warn of activities that are to be performed as per the applicable matrix.
LRQXnet is fully adapted to meet the requirements of the new ISO standards.


The company is a retailer of LRQX net, which is a web-based business system. The structure of the system makes it easy to navigate between different sections and documents. The system is adapted for compliance with the new standards and handles risk assessments in a simple way. For more information about the system.